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PayWith helps you acquire new customers, reward your loyal customers and maximize your marketing dollars.



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Introducing the PayWith mCard

Running on the MasterCard network, PayWith mCards can be used to attract new customers, reward loyal customers and to send promotional gifts.

PayWith mCards are pre-paid vouchers that consumers can redeem with their smart phones. Offers can be linked to mCards with usage restrictions based on the time of day, the amount spent and the specific individual or organization.

Detailed services and product descriptions

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PayWith Dashboard

Market, Track, and Communicate. 

PayWith’s marketing and communications portal is great a tool to connect with your customers and track results that drive revenue and profits. From tracking visits and spend on a per customer basis, to communicating time based offers and instant rewards deals to your top customers at the click of a button. 

PayWith Merchant Dashboard

No new hardware – No new software – No training

Merchants use their existing credit card processing terminal to securely transact PayWith mCards.

To accept a PayWith mCARD you simply input the mCARD number displayed on your customer’s phone into your credit card terminal. That’s it, that’s all.


Signing up is FREE and simply requires you to open an account and check the box accepting our terms and conditions.

For more information on our products, plans and pricing or merchant services call us at 1-855-729-9484 (PAY-WITH) or email us at






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